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On the Northwest shore of Lake Garda lies Limone Sul Garda, which translated into English means “lemon on Garda”. True to it's name, Limone Sul Garda was once the main producer of lemons and olive oil in the area and consequently supplied many of the outlying towns and villages with its wonderful produce. Remnants of the old lemon houses (hot houses) still remain around the town and some are open to the public for viewing. Limone Sul Garda, without a doubt, is a place where you can while away a leisurely day and immerse yourself in the rich history that is so evident in the town.

Located at the foot of the nearby mountains, Limone Sul Garda appears to have been carved out of a mountain itself. Nestled between two peaks, it's a city full of agricultural history and quaint Italian charm. The narrow streets and old homes are surrounded by lush vegetation that cradles the city. The historic harbour area gives scenic views of the massive Garda Lake. While the whole area enables one to take picturesque strolls through the surrounding countryside and delight in the wonderful lake views and breathtaking scenery.

Shopping in Limone

If shopping is more your speed, Limone Sul Garda offers some great shopping opportunities. There's a wonderful promenade in the center of town that features high quality shops and dried fruit delicacies. Surrounding the promenade are several other shopping streets that sell everything from figurines to kitchen specialty items. Clothing and leather goods are also available in the area. If you're in the mood for something to eat, head down to the harbour area. While the economy of Limone Sul Garda used to rely on the fishing industry, today the harbour is home to restaurants and pizzerias, as well as hotels and additional shopping areas.

In the past, the city could only be reached via the lake or the mountains. Today, the Gardesana Occidentale road takes visitors to Limone Sul Garda and links it with several other resorts around the lake. Since the building of the road in 1932, the economy began to shift from an agricultural economy to a tourist based economy. However instead of getting rid of the structures of the past, the city leaders have worked to keep many of them preserved. You can now explore the rich history of this area by visiting a few of these tourist attractions.

Limone Attractions

The Castel lemon house lies northwest of the town center and is built into a rocky cliff beneath the Mughera Peak. What remains is just a small portion of what used to be a large lemon grove. Today, it only occupies 1,633 square metres but you can imagine the impact that it once had on the landscape. Built in the 18th century, it's undergone a great deal of restoration and remodeling over the years. The lemon house has been passed through many different powerful families throughout the years, and was finally purchased by the city of Limone in 1995.

The lemon house has several terraces that connect to one another. There is a museum and educational center that shares the history of the lemon grove, as well as the agricultural processes that were used to harvest the lemons. In addition to lemons, you can see and purchase citrons, sweet and bitter oranges, chinotto oranges, bergamots, grapefruits, tangerines and kumquats. To visit the Castel lemon house, go between 10:30 am and 6 p.m. from April to October. During other times of the year the hours are variable so make sure to call the visitor center before hand.


To continue your agricultural tourism adventure, head to the Oil Press of the Olive Grower's Cooperative. This is a functioning oil press that is open to the public from 4 pm to 6 pm during weekdays. The climate, soil and the olive trees used in Limone Sul Garda make the olive oil truly unique. At the Oil Press, you'll see how the olives are harvested and processed.

If you're not after agricultural tourism, there are always plenty of other places to visit in Limone Sul Garda including the San Rocco Church, the San Pietro Church, the Comboni Missionary Center and the multipurpose sports complex.