Lazise - Lake Garda's Walled Town

Lazise Hotels

If you're in the mood for visiting a lakeside town with an authentic medieval feel, Lazise is for you. Located in the south eastern portion of Lake Garda, its name means "place on the lake." With fewer than 1000 residents, you can experience small town Italian charm, dine with an excellent view of the lake and shop to your heart's content!

Lazise's Piazza V. Emanuele is home to many shops and restaurants. You can get nearby accommodations in one of the towns many hotels, apartments, villas or camping sites. The restaurants take the best of the ocean and nearby olive groves to create meals you'll be sure to remember. For a unique experience, try out La Classique restaurant which stands on an elevated position offering diners a spectacular view of the lake.

The harbour area speaks to Lazise's past as a centre of trade for the area. In the 14th century the Della Scala family built walls around Lazise to provide the city with protection. Surrounding these walls now are olive groves and vineyards that produce the cherished olive oil and wine of the area. You might like to pass your time by wandering through the narrow streets and shopping for that perfect bottle of olive oil or wine to remind you of your stay in Lazise.

Historical Lazise

If the rich history of this town is your cup of tea, head over to the Lazise Customs House. Built by the Della Scala family at the same time as the walls, it used to house weapons before it became centre of trade in the area. Over the years it has served a variety of purposes, including as the headquarters of the fascist party. Today it is host to cultural events and exhibits which are open for the public to see.

Another historical site you must see is the Lazise Castle but you can only view it from the outside! Someone lives there to this day, so it's off limits for interior tours. You can view the spectacular exteriors and enjoy a picnic in the surrounding Villa Bernini Park. Over the centuries it has been modified and reinforced. It is one of the best preserved castles on Lake Garda and allows you to step back into the 14th century.

The San Zeno and San Nicolo churches are also highlights for visitors to Lazise. The San Zeno church dates back to the late 13th century and is dedicated to the patron saint of water and fishing - very appropriate for this lakeside town! Renovations from the 18th century include a San Martino altar piece and statuary.

The San Nicolo church is a bit older. Built in the 12th century to the patron saint of schools and seaman, the church served the public as a house of worship through the next several centuries. After the 16th century, however, it became a store, a theatre, barracks, a home and then a cinema. In 1953 it was re-consecrated and became a War Memorial chapel. Both churches are open daily for self-guided tours and are a perfect way to spend an afternoon in Lazise.

For a taste of the history of Lake Garda, and a quaint experience within medieval walls, you need look no further than Lazise. Whether you decide to visit its historical monuments or just spend your time strolling through the shop-lined streets, it will be a visit you remember for a very long time.