Lake Garda Art

Lake Garda is a beautiful region and an inspiration to many local artists. In the towns and villages around the lake you will find many artists selling their paintings in local shops and boutiques. Oil paintings and watercolors of lakeside vistas can be bought to take home giving you wonderful memories of your time spent by the lake. The paintings are often inexpensive and capture the essence of the region with their vivid colors and representations of local flora.


The towns around Lake Garda are also home to many interesting artisans and craftsmen. Small boutique shops are often outlets for handmade crafts and gifts, many of which are made on the premises. Brass, copper, pottery and wood are all popular materials that local artisans like to work with and if you browse the smaller shops you are bound to see many of these handmade items for sale. Once again these all make interesting and unique gifts to take home, so why not treat yourself.